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You have the option of choosing between the standard package, or the Deluxe World Scenery Package.

The World Scenery Deluxe Package includes the worldwide scenery across the entire globe giving you 100% complete freedom!

More details on the Deluxe Package are listed below.

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What's Included In The ProFlightSimulator Full Scenery Set?

scenerysetProFlightSimulator is the ideal starter pack, but as the entire world is available at a high level of detail, you will almost certainly wish to install extra scenery at some point.

Do you want to fly over your home town and maybe even where your house is?

The world scenery set includes all lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, cities, towns, land covers, etc.

How about taking off from your local airport?

The full scenery set contains over 20,000 real word airports , so you will never get bored. The entire USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, Austrailia, etc.

Why Choose The Full Scenery Set?

The Full Scenery Set offers You 100% Flying Freedom. Fly almost anywhere in the world, take off from any one of the over 20,000 different airports and even fly over you house. The possibilities are endless...

ProFlightSimulator Comprehensive Coverage of almost the entire world

ProFlightSimulator Night lighting with ground lighting concentrated in urban areas (based on real maps) and headlights visible on major highways.
ProFlightSimulator Scenery includes all vmap0 lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, cities, towns, land cover, etc.
ProFlightSimulator 10 degree by 10 degree chunks of almost the entire world
ProFlightSimulator Over 20,000 real world airports
ProFlightSimulator Synchronize time with real-world time
ProFlightSimulator Explore USA, Canada, South America...
Fly over the Golden Gate Bridge, New York City, the Caribbean....
ProFlightSimulator Explore UK, Europe, Africa...
Fly over London, view the Eiffel Tower, or go from Israel to Jordan and over the Dead Sea...
ProFlightSimulator Explore Asia, India, Australia, New Zealand....
Fly over the Great Wall of China, Ayers Rock or take off from the Wigram Airbase....
ProFlightSimulator There are no borders in virtual reality!

Because of the savings associated with downloads, and because you are already ordering ProFlightSimulator, we are able to take a HUGE 70% Off the shipped price of the ProFlightSimulator Full Package with your Premium order. Order Your ProFlightSimulator COMBO Package just an additional $175.00 $97.00

Now, it is your chance to grab this upgrade at a fraction of its original price!

Order The Complete ProFlightSimulator Suite + Deluxe Full Scenery Package for a Huge Discount!

ONLY $175 $97


NOTE: Both the Deluxe and Standard Package offers only digitally downloaded files via
a members area. The DVDs are shipped at an extra cost of $39.95 in the members area

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(Best value world scenery bundle , most people choose this option...)

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(NOTE: The Standard Package does NOT include the full world scenery.
If you want to fly with 100% freedom over 20,000 real-world airports
from the entire globe, you NEED to upgrade to DELUXE... )

The Deluxe Package will go back up to $175 here soon. The truth is, just about everyone chooses the Deluxe package. We plan to restore the price once the next update comes along (in 1 weeks time). So order now if you want to "lock-in" the current price.

P.P.S: I created the Deluxe Package to provide unparalleled freedom across the entire world on any flight sim ever released in the market. It is a MUST-SEE if you want the full experience of this game.

So, order now and let your imagination take flight!
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