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Can I pay by money order or check/cheques?
I apologize but we only accept credit/debit cards or PayPal payments. We do not accept money orders or cheques. We use a 3rd party processor(Clickbank) which handles the transaction to ensure safet...
What if my computer crashes and I lose all my files?
No problem. Once you order ProFlightSimulator you will receive a lifetime access to the members area. If you lose access, simply contact support and you'll get the most updated collection. Whats more...
Can I install/copy this on multiple computers?
Yes you can. The license we offer allows you to install this on as many computers as you like. You are NOT restricted in anyway to use it only on a single computer.
I recieved an error when I try to order
We've partnered with ClickBank for handling the orders on our site. ClickBank is the leading retailer of digital products and has a very reliable ordering system. If the order page doesn't work pl...
Is this compatible with FSX, XPlane and others? Can it run simultaneously?
Absolutely. ProFlightSimulator works as a standalone. It doesn't matter if you've installed FSX, Xplane or another other flight simulator. It will work and run separately and it is compatible with a...
How do I order the DVD edition?
ProFlightSimulator comes with a members download area and 4-DVDs. To get your discs shipped, follow the instructions in the members page. You need to order to get access to the members page BEFORE ...
Where can I get more information?
Most of the information is already provided in the main page. For quick navigation, here are links to the FEATURES: SCREENSHOTS:
Where can I see a list of aircraft provided?
With over 150 aircraft available to fly, you will never be bored: Take a look at the partial list of aircraft available on ProFlightSimulator:
Do I need any special hardware (joysticks) to play this?
Yes you can. You do NOT require any special hardware to play. All you need is control is the mouse and keyboard. If you like to take your experience of ProFlightSimulator further, you are encourag...
Is there a free trial version?
There is currently no free trial version of the game. Since it is priced low as a promotional offer, we've decided not to offer a free trial version.
Does it work on Windows 7,8 or 10 (32 or 64 bit)
Yes. It works on all versions of Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 - 32 and 64 bit.
Which joysticks/rudders/controllers do we recommend?
If you want a great experience with ProFlightSimulator, we recommend using Saitek's flight control system: Purchase the "Saitek X52 Pro Flight Syste...
Errors In Downloading - Can't Download?
Please note these files are reasonably large. Your ISP might have cut you half-way resulting in an incomplete file. If the full file is not downloaded correctly you will receive an error when y...
If you're having problems downloading aircrafts/scenery
IMPORTANT: For the files in the aircraft and scenery section - You can only download 1 file at a time. If you try to download multiple files, you will be rejected and asked you to enter a password...
Want to order as a gift?
If you want to order it as a gift or want download it to another computer, it is easy. Just place the order right now using your PC. Once you've received the download details to the members area in...
Multiple Monitor Support?
Hi there Yes, ProFlightSimulator supports dual monitors. In fact it supports multiple monitors (up to 8) You can have one large window covering all your monitor screens or run multiple instances...
How do I login to the members area? / Lost access to download?
If you've lost access to your downloads, please check your email for your download link At the time of purchase, an email will have been sent to your inbox containing the members area details If you...
View keeps revolving/spinning or panning to the left when using joysticks
This is a common issue if you're using Saitek joysticks and there is a solution for this - you'll need a new Saitek XML binding file. You can download the file at:
Track IR - Does ProFlightSimulator Support TrackIR?
Hi there Absolutely! ProFlightSimulator supports TrackIR as well as 6 DOF to provide a completely immersive and realistic flight experience.
Why we are better than Microsoft FSX or any other flight sims!
Microsoft Flight Sim X is a great game in its own right but ProFlightSimulator is better in several aspects. - We have currently over 150+ aircrafts to choose from and our database is growing. (we ad...

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